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Clinical Electrocardiography. Learning Model

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{{getMes(12)}} de 2014
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This book includes the methodological process of learning to read and interpret a normal and pathological electrocardiogram. It desires to guide and locate the academic community on the acquisition of the skills to obtain this knowledge, in particular, to undergraduate students of medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, postgraduate students and practicing general practitioners. In fact, it as a didactic tool that allows knowing the basic concepts of a standard electrocardiogram, the interpretation of a typical electrocardiogram and the analysis of the most common pathologies in our environment. With the high incidence and prevalence of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, and obesity, which have generated high cost in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), teaching in our classrooms requires that our students acquire the skills to interpret this diagnostic help articulated with the patient's clinic. This, to improve the primary and secondary prevention of these cardiov

Title Clinical Electrocardiography. Learning Model
ISBN 978-958-746-066-7
Edition 1
Theme Medical and health sciences
Subtema Medicine
No of pages 108
Dimensions 215 cm x 28 cm
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Abraham Katime Zúñiga

Guillermo Trout Guardiola

María del Mar Castro N.

Marvin Romero Posada

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