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Wicked Stories to Tell You

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{{getMes(10)}} de 2017
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My story is the story. For that reason, I have written 12 narrations entitled "Wicked stories to tell you." They are a sum of dreams, of small, large lived or heard realities that, in the end, bring about a result called a short tale or story. Stories whose relationship is a mixture, a tie between the thread of fantasy and reality. The epigraph "Horizons and fictions. Simple creators of mental landscapes" by Diana Castro Benetti, columnist for the newspaper El Espectador, is not a phrase captured there out of snobbishness or pulled out of thin hair. Its meaning influenced me and motivated me so much that I transferred it to my literary work. I would call my stories "horizons and fictions." Some stories are based on dreams. Others, in reality with that gold bath that fantasy provides. Ideas that arise, thoughts that are born day or night, stirring to produce a new idea. Indeed, the person who shakes the bottle where words and ideas underlying is the maker of these stories, that one is "

Title Wicked Stories to Tell You
ISBN 978-958-746-085-8
Edition 1
Theme Humanities and arts
Subtema Literature and literary studies
No of pages 62
Dimensions 17 cm x 24 cm
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Martiniano Acosta Acosta

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