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Gabriel García Márquez and the cinema, A good friendship?

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{{getMes(3)}} de 2019
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We take as an essential idea in Garcia Marquez's work the notions of magical realism and the cinematographic movement "Italian neorealism," which circumscribes the years before and after the end of the Second World War (1939-1945), the text Gabriel García Márquez and the cinema A good friendship? Tries to guide and facilitate the most unprepared reader towards a natural and essential differentiation between the concepts of film-chronicle and the film-story in the scripts -or ideas- of Gabriel García Márquez. The book divided into four chapters (the origin, filmography, interviews and the spell of the real) with a clear expository strategy and once accepted honestly and without the rejection inherent in the act of filming. The text also compiles some considerations and criteria regarding the novels of García Márquez, adapted to celluloid, film and television scripts throughout his life as a filmmaker.

Title Gabriel García Márquez and the cinema, A good friendship?
ISBN 978-958-746-189-3
Edition 2
Theme Humanities and arts
Subtema Film and audiovisual
No of pages 174
Dimensions 15 cm x 22 cm
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Gonzalo Restrepo Sánchez

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