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García Márquez. Passage to Havana

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{{getMes(3)}} de 2019
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Gabriel García Márquez is, along with Ernest Hemingway, the most widely spread non-Cuban writer on the island. This chronicle reveals his links with Cuba since he was fascinated in the Colombian Caribbean with Cuban music Pérez Prado, the trio Matamoros and was enthusiastic about the radio soap operas of Félix B. Caignet. And he follows the day to day of his stay in Havana, first in 1959 and then from 1975 to address his intimate relations with Casa de las Américas and his efforts for the Foundation of the New Latin American Cinema and the School of Three Worlds. The book gathers with equal passion the admiration of the Colombian by Alejo Carpentier, Eliseo Diego, Lezama Lima, Lisandro Otero, and the "hermanazo" Fernández Retamar; his meals and the boleros dipped in whiskey that he sang in a duet with the great painter Roberto Fabelo. His friendship with Fidel Castro also occupies space in these pages, as do the missions of the narrator as a secret agent of the mythical Cuban president

Title García Márquez. Passage to Havana
ISBN 978-958-746-192-3
Edition 1
Theme Humanities and arts
Subtema Literature and literary studies
No of pages 256
Dimensions 15 cm x 22 cm
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Ciro Bianchi Ross

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