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Global Perspectives on Landscapes of Warfare

Edición: 1
Año de edición: {{getMes(4-1)}} de 2022
No de páginas: 300
ISBN: 978-1-64642-099-5
DOI: 10.5876/9781646422111
Formato: ° Libro


Global Perspectives on Landscapes of Warfare examines the effects of conflict on landscapes and the ways landscapes have shaped social and political boundaries over time. Contributors from different archaeological traditions introduce a variety of methodologies and theories to understand and explain how territories and geographies in antiquity were modified in response to threat. Drawing from eleven case studies from periods ranging over eight thousand years in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, contributors consider how social groups moved and concentrated residences, built infrastructure, invested resources, created alliances and negotiated with human and nonhuman entities for aid, formed and reformed borders, and memorialized sites and territories. Because landscapes of warfare deal with built environments, chapters are presented with rich graphic documentation—detailed maps, site plans, and artifacts—to support the analysis and interpretations. Territories that have been appropriated and transformed by communities at war illustrate how built landscapes not only reflect immediate events but also influence subsequent generations. With a diverse array of case studies and an explicit focus on landscapes, Global Perspectives on Landscapes of Warfare will be of great interest to students and scholars of conflict archaeology and the anthropology and history of violence across the globe.

Titulo Global Perspectives on Landscapes of Warfare
ISBN 978-1-64642-099-5
Edición 1
Tema Humanidades y artes
Subtema Arqueología
No de páginas 300
Encuadernación Tapa dura o cartoné
Dimensiones 16 cm x 24 cm
Peso {{obra.peso}} g

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